Trestle 7 - before and after the tornado of April 28 2011

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Photos on this page by Mike Smith.

Placement of the base support timber
Mid-December: the work crew, in below-freezing weather, puts down the foundation timber which will hold the trestle's frame.

New trestle frames in place
The new trestle frames start to take shape.

Trestle perspective
Perspective: there will be a 17-foot drop in elevation from the Abingdon side of the trestle to the Damascus side.

View from the Damascus side
The view from the Damascus side shows the depth and curve of what the new trestle will look like.

December 20 - More Mike Smith photos

Mike Smith's report: "The crew will be back the week after Christmas. 27 base timbers in place,
9 bents* erected. Got a couple of different perspectives. It is taking shape. Word is another crew will be added
to begin putting in the stringers to tie the bents together and start decking."

*Bent: the individual standing frame of a trestle.

December 20
The trestle visibly begins to take shape.

Crew putting down base.
Crew fastening a bent to the base timber.

Crane with bents
A shovel does double-duty as a crane.

Bents form the trestle
The platform of the trestle starts to take shape.

Trestle 7, new profile
The new profile of Trestle 7 begins to emerge from the landscape.

January 14, 2014 - Mike Smith's report

"Tuesday I took the attached pictures.  It was clear and cold. Will try to get there tomorrow or Saturday. They had set 13 bents total as of Tuesday.
The foreman said that they will begin the "X" bracing of the bents next week. They are using both the track hoe and the crane to move the bents and
to set them in place. They build them in order from north to south, stack them, then move and erect them in reverse order from south to north,
coming off the top of the stack. There will be no double deck bents, just some long (30 ft) ones down in the bottom of the valley."

Placing the bents
Placing the bents.

Bents in place
13 bents in place. The slope of the new trestle can be seen in this Mike Smith photo.

Mike Smith's report - January 22, 2014

"Got to the site today and nearly froze, but got some pics. All the timber plates on the footers are down and 21 bents are set. They have one
built and ready for tomorrow. I got there late and the light went on me but you can see the skipped space for the cattle passage
and the back filled buttments. These guys are to be praised for working on days like these. The big timbers (30 ft) for the bents in the bottom are on site."

January 22

This photo and the next three are by Mike Smith.

January 22

January 22

January 22
A good overview of how the trestle is taking shape.

February 4, 2014 - Mike Smith's photos and report on progress

"Beat the rain today. It was a nice winter's day with mild temperatures and lots of sunshine. The brace boards were being delivered
when I arrived around noon. Only 7 more bents to go. One of the men told me that some of  the crew were down at Berry Home Center
drilling holes in the stringer beams that will sit on the plywood panels atop the bents. Once the bracing is done the beams can
go on and then the decking. The trestle is really coming together."

February 4

February 4

February 6 - Mike captures the setting of the tallest bent

Tallest bent

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