Trestle 7 - before and after the tornado of April 28 2011

These pages will be used to record the progress of the rebuilding of Trestle 7. Bookmark this page to check on how things are going.

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Trestle 7 - 2007 photo
Trestle 7, Virginia Creeper Trail - 2007 photo. The trestle was 680 feet long.

Trestle 7 - destroyed
The trestle was destroyed by a tornado on April 28, 2011.

Trestle 7 - rebuilding
Construction of a temporary trail is now complete. Photo taken June 2, 2011.
Trestle 7 alt trail
Alternate trail seen from the Damascus side of Trestle 7.
Photo taken July 19, 2013.
Trestle 7 alt trail
Alternate trail seen from the Abingdon side of Trestle 7.
Photo taken July 19, 2013.
Work begins with footer
July 29, 2013. A footer is started for the first abutment. Bob Craig photo.

Trestle 7 footers - August 2013

Putting down footers for the trestle. Bob Craig photo, August 18, 2013.
"Five pedestals or footers have now been poured, a 6th is almost ready to be poured
and the pit for the 7th has been dug.  They appear to be 8 to 10 ft. apart."

The construction company is Inland Construction.  

The engineering company is Tysinger, Hampton and Partners, Inc.

Oct. 19 - Bob Craig photo: 18 of 32 foundations are formed.
Oct. 19 - Bob Craig photo: large abutment on Abingdon side is finished.

Mike Smith photos below: notes are also from Mike, mid-November 2013

Trestle 7 should be finished by the end of February. It will be 450 ft long and sit on the same basic footprint that the old trestle sat on with a slight curve in it. It will be a little lower in elevation and will drop 17 feet from north to south. The decking is supposed to be slightly rougher than the ironwood deck was so that it will not be as slick and hard to travel over when wet. It will be constructed of pressure treated wood (the green colored wood made to withstand weather) rather than creosoted wood like the other trestles are. The basic size of the timbers in the trestle are about the sizes of the other trestle (12" x 8", 12" x 10", 12" x 14", etc.) The old trestlewas 680 ft long.

Will keep you updated as progress continues.  Footers are on schedule and due to be completed by Thanksgiving. Mike Smith

Trestle 7 reconstruction

Trestle 7 reconstruction

Below: More Mike Smith photos. You can see the completion of the concrete footers, and, probably most exciting to bikers, the beginning
of putting up the timbers for the trestle. Note the size of the timbers, replicating the original Trestle 7. Photos taken December 11, 2013.

Completion of the footers
Completion of the concrete footers.

First timbers for trestle are constructed
First timber frames are constructed. Tornado damage to trees is seen in the background.

Page Two - Construction of the timber frames continues.